Unlimited Authentication Possibilities

With Firenet CMS, you can authenticate your visitors using variety of authentication systems: .NET Forms Authentication, Windows Authentication, FaceBook, Live ID or OpenID account. Or you can easily integrate your own user database or authentication service.

Unlimited Authentication Possibilities

Windows Authentication and Active Directory Integration

If you are creating an intranet or extranet whose users log on to a Windows domain, you can leverage the built-in support for Windows Authentication. In this case, the users do not need to sign in again as Firenet recognizes them based on their Windows identity and their username and groups are automatically imported into the CMS when they first come.

You can also use the Active Directory Import Tool that allows you to set up a regular synchronization of user accounts and groups from your Active Directory into Firenet CMS. The tools allows you to choose:

  • which users/roles will be imported
  • which AD fields will be mapped to Firenet user details
  • if you want to create/update/delete only create items

Forms Authentication

Forms authentication leverages standard ASP.NET security mechanism and allows you to authenticate users whose names and passwords are stored in Firenet CMS database.

Custom Authentication

You can also create your own membership provider that will authenticate users against your authentication service or existing user database.

Out-of-the-box Social Network Authentication

Integration with social networks is becoming more and more important in these days. With Firenet, you can enable site visitors to authenticate using their existing Facebook/Live ID/OpenID credentials without creating just another user account on your website.

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