Integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Live ID and Open ID

Although having your own community has its advantages, you may still want to integrate it with major social networks. Firenet CMS allows you to authenticate visitors using their Facebook, Live ID and Open ID accounts so that they do not have to create just another name and password. You can also share the content from your Twitter account or Facebook page and display it on your website.


Firenet as a social network website

While Facebook is the biggest social network in the world and it's easy to create your own Facebook page, there are several reasons why having your own community makes a better sense:

  1. Nobody can remove your community
  2. You define the rules for how your community works
  3. You control the privacy of the community members
  4. You can design the community as you want
  5. You can develop custom features fully integrated with your website
  6. You don't depend on availability and up-time of external services
  7. You can integrate the community with other systems, such as CRM

... and you can always connect your community with Facebook, Twitter and other sites.

Media Libraries


The site visitors, site members or group members can upload media files, including images and video.

Learn more about Media Libraries Learn more about Media Libraries

Private Messaging

Private messaging allows the community members to send private messages to other users, without knowing their e-mail address.

Learn more about Private Messaging Learn more about Private Messaging


Your Community, Your Rules, Your Branding


With Firenet CMS, you can run your community and design it as you want. You're the one who defines the rules and who controls the content and discussions. Your community can be completely branded for your organization and it can be easily integrated with your main website.

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