Message Boards

Enable Visitor Feedback and Product Reviews

Message Boards allow you to gather feedback on your blog posts, articles and other content. With built-in content rating, you can also use them for product reviews contributed by visitors.

 Enable Visitor Feedback and Product Reviews

E-mail Notifications

The site visitors and administrators can subscribe to receiving e-mail notifications about new messages added to the board.

Message Boards Administration

Using the Firenet CMS administration interface, you can view the list of all message boards on the current website and edit these boards and their messages.

Moderated Message Boards

If you are a message board moderator, you can view messages and approve or reject them directly on the live site.

Posting Board Messages

The board messages can be posted by any visitors or the posters can be restricted to site members or only chosen user roles. You can also use CAPTCHA to avoid spam.

Posted messages can be also displayed with avatars of the site members who posted the message.

Reporting Abuse

The integration with Report Abuse module enables site visitors to report inappropriate message board posts.

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